Wednesday, July 6, 2011

At its best...

This weekend was such a breath of fresh air.  A big, long, deep breath of fresh air.  After too much sadness lately, and too many weeks of crazy schedules, we languored in three lovely days of nothing-much-to-do.  Finally, the weather cooperated and we enjoyed all the holiday weekend had to offer.....


After twisting her arm just a little tiny bit, Grandma came early-morning strawberry picking with Henry and Anna and I.   The berries were so-so, but the time together was just what we needed.  



















Later, Anna and I relaxed on the porch. We just sat together and had a little chat.  Early enough before the afternoon sun made it too hot to enjoy.  Just me and my diet coke.  And Anna and her irresistible smile.

( Boy, I'll take that smile any day of the week!)


_MG_9495 - V1



The kids played on the swings with cousin T.J.....





We ate perfectly ripe watermelon....


Even took in a home-town parade.

(waiting, waiting....)







The real parade payoff - - look at that loot:


And then, in all it's small-town glory, we took in a local baseball game.....  Sitting on a hill, under a tree.  A perfectly, beautiful summer evening.

Another big deep breath.  It's these moments that I live for.  The little things that my kids will keep among their favorite childhood memories....

"Mom, remember how we'd always go to a baseball game on the 4th of July, and eat popcorn and drink grape soda.  And Grandma and Grandpa would come too.  Remember how we'd run down the hill and try not to fall, and then we'd climb up to do it over again and again.  And we really wouldn't watch the game much, except to tease Grandma that her team wasn't winning.  Then we'd wait and wait and wait for the fireworks to begin.  And then they would.  And it was all so good....." 











Summer at it's best.  No, really - - life at it's best.

Big. Deep. Breath.

I'm paying attention.  I'm not going to miss a minute of this.


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