Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So little time...

Oh, how I'd love to stay up all night and blog away. I have so much to share these days. Of course, whether anyone cares or not about what I have to share - - well that is a different story.....

Regardless, I have no time. None. Zip. Zero.

I currently have 26 balls in the air (I justed counted them!) and a few are heading down towards the floor. Right now. As I type....

However, the kids indulged me and my camera this warm summer evening. And the light was just right to boot. So, I had to at least post two of my favorites.

For some reason, Henry was all about pictures tonight. I have two dozen shots with laughs and giggles and silly faces galore. But for one brief and quiet moment, I caught this one.

Oh-be-still, my mama-heart....


And this one - - well, it is just so Anna.


More, more, more soon!

1 comment:

  1. I adore these images.

    And I just love your grateful list. I secretly loved our MN humidity too. Although I'm grateful for a little break, too. :-)