Monday, July 11, 2011

On the run....

I had the good fortune to take pictures of this beautiful family, not once, but twice during the last month.

Pictures were scheduled for a few weeks back, but it poured and poured that Saturday afternoon.  So, "no-go" on the all-family shoot.  But, wanting to take advantage of the sweet and fleeting newborn look, I stopped in to take a few shots of Anders, born just days before.....






Then, on a much sunnier Saturday, I pulled up to the house for a second time, and we got everyone in on the action.  And boy, action is an understatement.  Alisa and Tony are mom and dad to these three beautiful boys all under the age of four.


Tristan (3 & 1/2) and Ashton (21 months) made me earn every glance and smile that they gave me - - which is just as it should be!  There are no free rides in photography!




We tried for an all-family shot, but it didn't go quite as planned.  My guess, though, is that the photos actually capture this moment in time quite well.  Busy, beautiful, and on the move....


Of course, the pursuit of the perfect shot was so worth the effort.  These boys were oh-so-sweet and absolutely adorable!!





Thanks again for indulging me, Alisa and Tony - - not just once, but twice!  More to come soon!

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