Friday, January 28, 2011

Catching up....

My online photography class Picture Winter is coming to a quick end.  I have really loved it, and I'll be sad to see it go.  It's amazing what kind of community you can build with people all over the world, simply by sharing pictures.  Here are some of my latest prompts:

My husband loves computers. Builds them. Fixes them. Understands them. To him, this component is a thing of beauty. To me? Well, I liked the reflection.


Magic Shadow

Lately, Anna (my 3 year old) has been noticing shadows everywhere. So, I have been noticing too. I love how kids do that. They pay attention, and give us the gift of doing the same.


Magic Indeed

My beloved sister is in the Peace Corps in Rwanda. Via technology, we've been able to share in her experiences and learn about a new culture. This was nearly impossible even five years ago. The photo is from Christmas morning. Instead of gathering around the fireplace, we gathered around the laptop. Magic!


(The amazing thing is that after I posted this picture and description, another Picture Winter participant in the class said that her cousins were also in Rwanda in the Peace Corps.  Turns out, they are in Annie's group.  She knows them!!  Okay, that is a crazy small world....)

I think this next photo is one of my favorites....

A Beautiful Mess
My desk. Stacked with notebooks and binders and books and ideas and inspiration. All collected as I work towards a new creative venture. As chaotic as this might seem, I have a clear vision of what I'm reaching for.

It's all. Just. Right. There.....


A final note:
My free photo sessions (see the post below) are filling up fast. (I promised Ray only one a week, and I'm doing my best to stick with that!!)  So, if you would like to set up a date but haven't confirmed it yet, contact me as soon as possible.  When they are gone, they are gone....

Also do take a look at the "Help Me Practice" link above.  That provides more information about my style, what to expect, etc.

Happy weekend!!

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  1. Hi Debra. Thanks for the nice words on my blog. I have been enjoying your pics at PW as well and have checked in on your blog a couple of times. Very nice. I think we are neighbors of sorts... I am in ND... I think I saw somewhere that you are in MN? Wonderful blog you have. Look forward to following. Marci