Sunday, January 23, 2011

Free, free, free...

FREE!  That's supposed to get your attention, right?

(this is an image by the amazing Tara Whitney).

Today is my blog's one year anniversary, so I wanted to do something, as the quote above says "that I've never done before..."  So, here goes....

(insert breath-holding.)

I am scheduling portrait sessions between now and the end of June at no charge.  And I welcome anyone who is interested to sign-up. I'm ready to move beyond the kindness of friends, to the kindness of strangers.  (although friends are certainly welcome to contact me too!)

So, in exchange for your time and good looks (and willingness to work with someone who is still learning), we'll take photos for an hour or two.  Then, a few weeks later, I'll mail you a DVD with at least 20 (but probably many more) images.  They are yours to keep and do with what you will.

Complete details are available on the link above "Help Me Practice."  (please check out that information.  I'm not a traditional photographer, and I want to be sure my style fits what you are looking for!!)

Feel free to forward this on to others who you think may be interested.  I can't wait to get started!!


One of my vacation projects was to print some of the pictures I've taken of the kids these past months, and actually hang them on the wall.  This project is always such a big process...choosing the images, sizing them, ordering them, finding frames, finding the right wall space, and then actually getting them up on the wall.  (It seems that last part always entails a little too much math for my liking!)

I was thrilled when my pictures arrived yesterday.  And the day prior, I found exactly the frames I had been looking for on sale at Michael's for $4.00 each.  (Yahoo!) 

I laid the pictures out last night, and just thought about the right order for awhile.


After way too much math and measuring, I hung the pictures this morning....


I love that Henry is admiring the photos, but Anna couldn't care less. So typical of each of them!

And I'm glad that I could cross this item off my vacation to-do list.  

Back to work tomorrow....I'm so grateful for such a wonderful two weeks.  It was glorious!!


  1. I saw this photo in the Picture Winter Gallery and just love it!! I think it needs to be added to the group. Congrats on your blog anniversary! And I am actually also doing something similar...offering free portrait sessions because I want to try my hand at that type of photography. Scary but exciting!

    Oh and I LOVE that quote! I can so relate

  2. congratulations on one year! I love your frames, they look great and love how your children deal with it all, great shot!

  3. Happy One Year!
    I always have the biggest difficulty deciding what pictures to print out, if I could past that I would have more photo's on the wall.
    I think yours came out great, I love the frames, I might have to run by Michael's a pick me up a few.
    Thanks for the inspiration.