Friday, January 21, 2011

Clarity at Twenty Below

When we woke this morning, the temperature outside was 20 degrees below zero.  (Yes - 20 below!)  There was no way I was going outside to take a picture.  But fortunately, I woke up in time to snap this sunrise through my bedroom window.

The light was changing so fast.  Just five minutes later and it would have been gone.

(I did get out of bed to take the shot.  However, had I been able to stay under the warmth of my comforter all morning long, I certainly would have....)


There was also a heavy layer of frost on all of our windows.  It didn’t make my husband very happy, but I thought it made for a pretty interesting shot.  I'm amazed at how those bottom ice crystals formed. 


So I think all of this crazy cold weather today helped me clear my head a little bit....  

This morning after I dropped Henry off for school, I had an hour for a quick cup of coffee by myself.  I've really struggled these past few weeks with a constant unsettled feeling. And with it, too much self-torture and angst.  But today, I think a few breaths of cold searing air gave me some much needed clarity.  (Well that, and an extra large cup of coffee helped too!)

Finally, I get it!!  All of this tension was my wake-up call.  My personal neon sign flashing with the answer to a question I really didn't even know I was asking.  Finally, finally, I paid attention and listened. And, can I tell you how great I feel?

(Hmmm.  Amazing what can happen when you work with, rather than against yourself...)

So, with my new-found clarity, a huge weight has lifted.  I have direction and intent.  I know what is next. And I am so very relieved.
However, next time I'm in need of blistering clarity, I'd much prefer it take place at a mild 80 degrees instead!!


  1. That second shot is just stunning! Stopping by from Picture Winter.

  2. The color you captured is magnificent! I'm glad you got your new direction. Good luck with following your new path!!!