Thursday, January 20, 2011

Looking up...

In just a few days, I will celebrate my blog's one year anniversary.  Sunday will mark the 365th day of Everyday Extraordinary....135 posts (!), countless pictures, sharing things I never imagined I would, a new found blogging community.  And oh-so-much gratitude.

To my great surprise, I've loved every minute of this little venture.  Who knew??  I never ever intended to be a blogger.  But here I am. And I'm amazed....

The picture below is from this summer.  Anna was climbing at the park.  She was reaching for the monkey bars and they were really high up.  But she wasn't scared.  She didn't look down.  She just looked up, determined.  She knew where she was going and damn if she wasn't going to get there. 

And she did.  Without missing a step.

(I am so often overwhelmed by the lessons that my kids teach me....) 


I have no idea what this next year holds.  But, I know that just like Anna, I'm going to keep looking up.  And out.  And beyond. 

My thanks to everyone who stops in from time to time.  Your comments and kindness mean the world to me. I am so very honored to have a little bit of your precious day. 

[This picture is posted to Paper Heart Camera.]

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  1. Oh yes....the lessons our kids teach us.

    Love this photo and the story behind it! Happy (almost) blog-aversery! :-)