Sunday, January 16, 2011

Warm my heart...

Picture Winter
I am behind in posting pictures from my Picture Winter e-course.  Below are the latest few.

As much as I've loved this class, I've found that I've missed taking people pictures.  That is where my heart is.  Everyday.

So, tomorrow, check out the new post: people!!  (yeah, yeah...they might be the same people again.  But they are MY people.  And, I'll take their beautiful faces and expressions anyday over a bowl of fruit!)

January 9th: Bundle Up
Anna's favorite boots.


January 11th:Warm Your Heart


These arrived today. My first glasses ever.


They are just readers, but a big milestone for me none-the-less.... I say "all the better to see you with my sweethearts!!"  XOXOXO


January 12th: Signs of Life
With the holidays over, Anna has been asking when the snow will melt so she can go swimming outside. Today, I found her swimsuit hanging on her door. Right next to her snow boots. I guess she's hedging her bets.


January 13th: Everyday Chaos
Life may be chaotic around here most days. But, at least I know where the fruit is.


January 14th: Beyond the Chill
Sweet sunshine...



January 15th: Cooling It
A forgotten ornament in the "solstice tree" just outside our house.


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  1. I love your shots here, those shoes are wonderful and that swimsuit and boots! I look forward to your people shots tomorrow, sadly the whole picture summer/winter etc does get a bit dull after a while, I got sick of pictures of hearts and love messages!