Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our fabulous year...

Ever since the kids were babies, I've made an annual slideshow from all the pictures we'd taken that year. Although the kids love it, I must admit it gets quite long. Like 100's of pictures long (especially these days!) For most people (except maybe my mom and sister), that version would be as painful as sitting through a distant relative's slideshow from their 1987 trip to the Grand Canyon. So, I've made this shorter version to share.

And, if anyone wants to sit through the long version (which includes Anna's running commentary on each photo), give me a call. The popcorn is ready!!

Here is "Our Fabulous Year: 365 Days in 4 Minutes"

Untitled from Debra Pexa on Vimeo.


  1. I watched the entire thing! What beautiful children and family you have. You've captured them so wonderfully.

    Becky Sue

  2. I want the long version!! I watched the video about a dozen times with tears flowing each time! I love you all so much it hurts!

    Your pictures are absolutely stunning Deb! I have always been proud to call you my sister but I am in complete awe of your talent and the joy and love you radiate! Your pictures are love and happiness, it is so clear. You inspire me everyday! I love you so very much!