Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coming soon.....

The good news (at least for me....) - - I have 12 new blog posts ready to go.

The bad news - - they are all still stuck in my head.  Or lost somewhere on my computer.

Oh, so much to blog, so little time!

It's been a crazy-wonderful few weeks, but time for a break. Something different.

Change is in the air....Stay tuned!


Tonight was just family time.  And it was oh-so welcomed. Henry's idea - - a backyard camp-out.

And so.....

The s'mores have been eaten and the sugar rush is thankfully starting to wear off.  The sun has set in grand style and the campfire is dying down.  The tent is up and the cool air has made our outdoor beds perfect for a sound sleep. The crickets and frogs have begun their evening song.

And Henry just saw the first star. 

Good night. Sleep tight.


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