Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One request....

I may go all out for the kid's birthdays, but when it comes to my own, I much prefer something quiet and understated.

And this year, I only had one request:

Last Friday, I announced that on my birthday, I wanted pictures of my family. Together. And the key to this request - - I wanted pictures without anyone complaining.

Obviously, I knew I had them cornered. It was my birthday wish, afterall. They couldn't say no.

So, they all agreed. "Promise, mom."

Of course, the pictures I take of my own family are the ones that make my heart sing most of all. And of course, they are BY FAR the hardest to get.

Hard....but SO worth the effort.....




(For some reason, pictures of Ray and Henry always turn into wrestling matches....)

So yes, I hate a damn self-timer picture. It's never even close to what I imagine. I guess it's just hard to be spontaneous knowing that once I press the shutter, we have a mere 10 seconds to perfect the pose AND look natural....

Tick, tick, tick, tick - - SNAP!

The all-family picture I did get - - well,

We are all in the frame.
Everyone is looking forward.
Everyone is happy (or at least faking it pretty well).
No one is crying or bugging anyone else.

And best of all (this is the important part....) everyone who I love more than life itself is sitting there, right next to me.

My family. On my day.

Perfect, really.


I did get everything I wanted for my birthday. I am a lucky girl!