Sunday, November 28, 2010

As is....

This is Uyen. (And Noah). Uyen is one of my dearest friends. A true friend. The kind of friend who cheers your greatest victories and supports your biggest struggles. She inspires me and makes me laugh. And today she gave me a great gift....

Over these last few months, I've given much thought to what story I want to tell with my pictures. How I'd define my style. How I'd share my view from behind the lens. And just the other day, out of nowhere, I had a flash of insight....


Short and sweet and simple. Pictures, as is. Everyday. Not posed and dressed up, but living life. Celebrating life. I want to document the everyday stuff. I want to tell the stories that live between the washed faces and cleaned up rooms and new sweaters with scratchy tags in the back. I want the photos to be a true reflection. I want them to be "as is."

Recently, when I described this to Uyen - basically to test out whether she thought I was crazy or not - - she simply said "come on over...."

(See - - that is the true friend part. The cheerleader part. My guess is that Uyen has a set of purple pom-poms set aside just for when I call or email....)

So today, on an early Sunday morning, I knocked on Uyen's door and proceeded to spend two hours with her beautiful family as they put up their Christmas tree. Tessa talked about kindergarten and jumping rope ten times in a row at gym. Noah talked about first grade and Legos and wrestling with his cousin Pierce. Uyen shared stories about ornaments and holidays past. Keith focused on the lights and enjoyed the long four day weekend with his family.

And I snapped away. Happily!

Here is this morning's story. As is.

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