Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The eyes have it...

On Sunday, I took pictures of Kara and her kids. On Monday, I took pictures of Julie and her kids.

Normally this wouldn't be a big deal. Two days, two shoots. But this was a little different.... Kara and Julie are sister's-in-law. Married to twin brothers. They live about 10 miles from one another.

Now understand this is completely self-imposed....but man I was stressed! Talk about pressure....I thought Kara's pictures turned out really well. So what if I screwed up Julie's photos and then Kara's looked better. Oh god, suddenly I'm creating family strife... (I know. I know...These are just the crazy-obsessive things I think about.)

However, despite my looney tendencies, I am pleased to report...


As soon as Julie's kids started piling out of her van, my distress vanished.

Cute, cute, CUTE!!!

These four charming and adorable kids were ready for some fun on Grandma and Grandpa's farm. And they were excited to have their picture taken. I clearly had nothing to worry about. Crisis averted!!

And here is why...

I could just melt into these beautiful eyes....

I think this is one of my favorite shots from the day - - Blake gave me lots of smiles, but I adore this in-between moment even more!

We really did get some fabulous shots. And, we had some serious....



(Do you see the vertical Sawyer (far right) is getting on his jump. That is quite the two-year-old leap!)

Julie, thank you, thank you, thank you!! It was wonderful to see you and to meet your amazing kids. (I have LOTS more to share with you very soon).

Oh yeah - - did I mention there is another sister-in-law....

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