Thursday, November 25, 2010

A year of gratitude....

I am the eternal optimist. Always have been. Give me a glass with just a few drops in it, and I'll declare that only a little more would make it nearly-almost half full. It's just who I am. But in spite of all this natural optimism, I've been surprised at the impact that writing down an "Everyday Gratitude" has had on me over this past year....

Everyday there really was something to celebrate or be grateful for or see the brighter side of. Yes, some days proved to be more challenging than others in the grateful department. But those were probably the days that had the biggest impact for me too. And even more wonderful than the act of writing, is how I now move through my day. I am more present. I am seeking out reasons to be grateful. I take time to see the beauty...big and small, monumental and mundane.

I am amazed how this little act has made such a difference in my life. But it really has. (and I highly recommend it!)

Clearly and thankfully, there are many many things to be grateful for. Everyday. All around.

(And the daily writings have been a lovely record of our year too).

Since I've been posting my Everyday Gratitude all year long, everyone else in the household gets to share today (lists are in no particular order)...

Anna is thankful for:
My mama and my Aunt Annie
Grandma Margie
Emily and my friends
My Car
(clearly, Anna didn't get the family memo about the Toyota's permanent demise...)

Henry is thankful for:

Mom and Papa
My grandma and grandpa
And my sister
Mrs. Horning and all my teachers
TJ and my family
World of Warcraft (great...)
Aunt Annie
The world
Lots of food
Our house

Ray is thankful for:

My family
Deb's good job
A roof over our heads
That the new (unplanned) car won't break the bank

And for me...

Simple. All of the above!

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