Friday, November 19, 2010

Three-year-old style...

There is certainly a preschooler in our house.... A sassy, stubborn, independent preschooler. And, there are many many clues that give this away....

For example:

These days, "Anna the Preschooler" is all about dressing herself. She picks out all of her clothes and insists on putting them on without assistance. When an arm gets caught up in a sleeve and I offer help, she yells "NO! DON'T TOUCH ME!" When I suggest two clothing items that might match together, she glares at me and says "I'm in charge, Mama!"

At the moment, Ray and I are pretty much powerless in the clothing department. Which is why Anna came down the stairs this morning in this little ensemble:

Henry was never like this. Never. Clothes? Couldn't care less.

But Anna cares. A LOT! She likes color and patterns. In fact, patterns on top of patterns. (Check out the stripes and animal print). I'm convinced she is trying to make a preschool style statement. In some ways, I think she is quite fashion forward. (Or backwards, depending on where the tag ends up...)

Anna's fashion sense also trends towards layers. Yesterday it was three shirts. This morning, she put on four. Four! (She's counting them to make sure none have disappeared). By the end of the weekend, she may be wearing her entire drawer.

Clearly (and thankfully!), Anna did not inherit her mother's style (black, bland & stretchy). My theory is that style skips a generation or two. I think Anna is channeling her Great-Grandma Helen. Let's hear it for the free-spirits in the family!

You go girl!

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