Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big picture...

So, my intention to take daily photos has failed miserably. And it's only been 3 weeks since I made that promise. (down in flames...)

But, there is hope in sight. Inspiration. And my favorite time of the year. I've just signed up for "Picture the Holidays: 30 Days of Festive Photography." And, I can't wait...
Picture the Holidays is a photo centric daily guide to creatively and
mindfully celebrating the season. With as much light and magic this time of year
can bring, it's easy to be equally hurried and harried. This 30-day (actually
31!) e-class is the perfect remedy for the holiday hustle. Seasonal photo
prompts delivered to your inbox each morning will not only inspire your inner
photographer but will encourage you to take a few moments to yourself each day
to get creatively centered, one photo at a time.
And, even better - - it is led by one of my favorite photogs: Tracey Clark.

So, I'm re-affirming my intention. Pictures everyday. (okay, as often as I can - - it is the season of giving, so I'll give myself a break!)

And if we are encouraged to take pictures of the holiday things we really love, get ready for lots of sugar cookies!

(Remember, I warned you about my little holiday obsession.... )

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