Friday, December 31, 2010

With a bang...

I can't even begin to sum up this past year. Of course, there were some hard days and sad moments. But mostly, I wonder what I did to deserve all of this love and light and beauty.

I'm so damn happy I could spit.

But I figured I shouldn't spit in front of the kids. (Bad example). So instead, we celebrated 2010 out in style.

Pexa/Cox style, that is...

We rocked. We ate.

And we watched Papa, in the freezing freezing cold, put on this beautiful show. Just for us.

My blessings this year numbered beyond these many sparks and lights....

Way beyond.

I. Am. Grateful.


  1. Wonderful blog. Met you on Picture Winter. So happy to know you!

  2. Wonderful photos. My mom always likes to see what I'm working on (my biggest fan). She was over yesterday and enjoyed surfing my favorite sites with me while my dad and husband assembled a ping pong table for the boys. She LOVED these firework shots! Happy New Year!

  3. Love it!!! Met you on Picture Winter!!! Love your fireworks photos!! Would love to know how you get them to look so good in your photos!!!

  4. hi, debra. thanks for stopping by my blog... and because of it, allowing me to find your very inspiring blog. i love your quotes and "about me". it is always nice to discover a new blogger/photographer!

    i look forward to bumping into you at the workshop and in blog land!!

    happy new year to you!